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Sixty Minutes’ “Little Women” – A Comedy in Three Acts

On 60 Minutes last night, we had some dippy professor, Louise Newman, asserting in relation to the Henson photographs that it is irrelevant whether the artist was intentionally eroticising his images or not, but that “if one paedophile views those images as sexually arousing and that encourages them in their behaviour, then we have a serious problem.”

This twit is head of Child Psychiatry at Newcastle University. Which doesn’t say much for the standards of academe in Newcastle, or, perhaps, for the affirmative action policy that – surely! – put the good prof in her seat. Continue reading Sixty Minutes’ “Little Women” – A Comedy in Three Acts

Of Guy Sebastian, Australian Idol and a Muppet Named Monty

This is going to be nasty.

I’m queasy from taking Voltaren to mask back pain that’s persisted for weeks. Working my asterisk off at various projects yet making no money. Rats have eaten every one of this year’s bumper crop of backyard organic tomatoes before they ripened. And I just read that greedy fucking cheats Fosters are reducing the size of the bottles of my favourite drop, Cascade Premium, but not reducing the price.

So when I clicked on the Daily Telegraph “blog” headline slamming Guy Sebastian for slamming Australian Idol, I had my best sneer all ready, wrestling my gruesome pre-breakfast features into something that could go straight on to a horror movie poster un-Photoshopped. Continue reading Of Guy Sebastian, Australian Idol and a Muppet Named Monty

Avatar? My Arse!

A while ago, a friend was flirting with the idea of doing an Avatar course (thankfully, she ended up giving it a miss).

I’ve done Landmark Education’s Forum (worthwhile, but won’t comment further here, as this will be the subject of another post). I’ve also read a shitload of self-development stuff over the years (all the usual suspects), attended a Christopher Howard weekend seminar, even read a friend’s copy of The Secret (herk) – hmm…there’s another post. Before I dig myself in any deeper, my point is that I’m no stranger to this stuff and am generally cynical, but not necessarily dismissive of all of it. Continue reading Avatar? My Arse!