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Ochre Contemporary Dance Company – Remember the Name

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Ochre Contemporary Dance Company’s impressive debut production, Diaphanous: Seeing Through And Beyond, at the State Theatre Centre. This is not a review as such; rather, my purpose is simply to alert readers to the exciting homegrown talent that was on show. Continue reading Ochre Contemporary Dance Company – Remember the Name

Song Of A Baker

I watched a doco on TV recently on the erratic but – to my mind – much under-rated 60s UK band, The Small Faces. Their 1968 ‘concept’ album Ogden’s Nutgone Flake, a psychedelic rock classic, was one of the first albums I bought. I still treasure this unique work – for the great music, the warped and inspired narrative in “Unwinese” by Stanley Unwin, and the eccentric fold-out tobacco tin cover (in good nick, this album is now a prize collectors’ item fetching $300+ …but I’d never sell mine).

ogdens cover

One of my favourite tracks is Song Of A Baker. Strange, but in all the times I’ve listened to this song, I’d never really pondered on the lyrics until the TV doco – even though I know them by heart: Continue reading Song Of A Baker