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Web Forum Copyright Infringement: What To Do About It

The internet has presented previously undreamt of challenges to copyright law and its application, resulting in all sorts of dramas, dilemmas and high-profile legal battles (eg: the well-publicised Napster case springs immediately to mind, and locally, the iiNet test case in which the ISP was effectively – and may I say, ludicrously – being held to account for pirated content downloaded by clients).

This current case that I am about to outline is very small-time by comparison, but of relevance to folk who make available their intellectual property on web forums. Continue reading Web Forum Copyright Infringement: What To Do About It

The Boomtown Rap Awards for 2010

Here they are, late again, random and disorganised as ever. Don’t expect balance. Don’t expect fairness. Don’t expect decency. Do expect a wanton rant.

Expectations duly lowered or raised, as the case may be, let us proceed according to tradition by channeling The Small Faces’ Ogden’s Nutgone Flake album narrator, Stanley Unwin…

Are you all sitting comftybold two square on your botties?? Then I’ll begin…

2010 Boomtown Rap Free-to-air TV Awards: The Bogeys

Best Drama: Breaking Bad. Not just the best for 2010, this whacked out series tops any drama I’ve seen on TV. Big call, but I’m makin’ it. Continue reading The Boomtown Rap Awards for 2010

Site Upgrade In Progress

Dear teeming hordes of Boomtown Rap devotees,

It’s come to my attention that there have been problems for some time with the ‘commenting’ function on this blog (and here was I fondly imagining that my recent spate of movie reviews were so comprehensive, my taste so irreproachable, that any comments were redundant).

Thus, it has become a matter of urgency to attend to the task I have been putting off for a long, long time – upgrading the WordPress blogging software that this site uses. The site may be down while the updating process is in progress, thus rendering this notice useless. Uhh…

If you can read this, the upgrade is probably underway but insufficiently advanced to affect the presentation of the site. Or I was interrupted and halted the process. Or got stuck and am seeking assistance from my beleaguered, yet cheerful and brilliantly competent site host support staff. Or the fine, helpful folk at the WordPress Support forums. Or sumpin’ else. I’ll post again when the upgrade process is complete.

Patience, mon ami! And to my detractors – hard luck, muthas. I’LL BE BACK!

BACK! Upgrade done. Everything appears to have come through the upgrade process unscathed – including the Comments function. Phew! Always an anxious ride…