Confessions of an Avatar Basher

One of the Comments in response to my recent post on Harry Palmer’s Avatar cult linked to a 2006 briefing in EPC, their in-house on-line publication “for Avatars, Masters, and Wizards” (link no longer working). Sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but this is serious mum. EPC stands for Enlightened Planetary Civilisation (who LOLed? Have some manners!).

The topic of the briefing is ‘Avatar Bashers’. I suppose I qualify as an AB, since I must plead guilty to having had a bit of fun at Harry Potter ‘s – sorry, Palmer’s – expense. Call me twisted and cynical, but mirth and ridicule are my natural responses to Hazza’s float tank revelation that we’re all from a distant planet, “Estro”, and inhabited by inner “entities” from other worlds that are the source of all human woes.

Actually, ‘twisted and cynical’ is but the tip of a particularly dire iceberg of psychopathology, according to EPC’s profile of ABs.

Quote: Psychologically, Avatar Bashers fit one or more of the patterns of diagnostic personality disorders detailed in the [American Psychiatric Association’s] ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’. Most have had unsuccessful treatment for mental illnesses.

Strewth. I did have a few sessions with a shrink 18 years ago. This bozo sat in his leather armchair stroking his beard like fucking Freud and saying nothing and after 3 weeks of shelling out bucks I could’ve spent on good things like beer and dope (I said 18 years ago, remember) I asked him for a label, to which he replied “How about ‘selfish’?”, to which I replied “What?!”, to which he replied, “You throw your tangled mess on the table and expect me to unravel it for you.”

Well, yes, I did think a shrink was supposed to help you work a few things out rather than taking your beer and dope money for the privilege of watching him sit there like a wanker saying nothing while you do your best to fill in the awkward silences with ‘issues’. Yes I did. So, diagnosed “selfish”, I left.

The treatment was evidently unsuccessful: I have been called “selfish” many times since (usually accompanied by the noun “bastard”). Fuck me swingin’ – EPC is right!

But that’s not all. The briefing goes on:
Avatar Basher is not a label that we should use to deflect all criticism or advice. Criticism and advice (regardless of its tenor) should be evaluated against the success of the originating source. Never fail to consider carefully the criticism or advice of successful, productive, or aware people, but (unless your desire is to join them) never pay more than slight regard to the criticism or rumors of losers and psychotics.

So there you go dear readers. As a bona fide AB, I am either “successful, productive, or aware” – or a loser/psychotic. You’ve been warned.

O what a simple black and white world is the world of the cultist. Good or evil. For or against. Right or wrong. Just like a pre-election political campaign strategy. Or fundamentalist religion. Or the mafia.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of an Avatar Basher”

  1. This is a pretty funny post, Rolan. Just one nit-picky comment:

    You’ll notice that Harry P. slip-slides from “psychologically” to “psychiatric” without missing a beat. This is a RELEVANT distinction, because psychologists are mental talk therapists who generally can’t prescribe drugs, and psychiatrists are medical doctors who can. That’s probably why there is some competition as well as overlap between the fields.

    You say you went to a “shrink” 18 years ago. I guess that was a psychologist, since he expected you to talk but didn’t offer any drugs. However, the term “shrink” could apply to either specialty.

    For the record, Harry Palmer has claimed to be a psychologist since 1993, but never said he had a medical license as far as I know. If he wants to expand into a profitable sideline, though, considering that he practices his frauds in Florida, he might want to give plastic surgery a go.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Eldon.

    I was aware of the distinction between psychologist and psychiatrist. I’m not sure where you perceived the distinction to be blurred in my post. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out. It was a psychiatrist that I saw, by the way. He didn’t offer me any drugs, but I guess I didn’t hang around long enough to earn that privilege!

    G’day Harry! You know what I think of you and your Avatar nonsense, but in the interests of fair play and public information I’m leaving your link up. If you’d been charging for your downloadable book, I can assure you, your link would not have been published on this site. Hopefully, you will not snare any new blood for Avatar through the link. I would hate to think I’d put any more bucks from the gullible into your coffers.

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