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The Boomtown Rap Bitchfest Awards For 2011

I’ve wondered, dear reader, about myself and these annual Awards. I really have. I mean, it’s not very nice, is it, what I do? Who sees off the year with a bitchfest?

I would embark on an expansive treatise of self-justification, but I know concentration spans have universally shrivelled, that the web is no place for introspective meanderings and expansive written self-expression. Why then, should I sabotage myself? Would you have me leap lemming-like from the clifftops of injudicious bloggerdom to dash myself on the rocks of readership oblivion?

I will not do it. You get no explanations. You get no apologies. All you get is what you deserve, this year with a lot more pics and a lot less text. See, I’m learning. Dumb it down, graphic it up. So here ya go, leaner and meaner than ever. Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, I give ya…

The BR Bitchfest Awards for 2011

I Know Nussink Award:
Murdoch and son

Slapper Of The Year:
Wendi Deng

Look at that speed-blurred hand action, and note that sign of a real pro – the fingers splayed to enhance the possibility of eye damage to the target Continue reading The Boomtown Rap Bitchfest Awards For 2011

Confessions of an Avatar Basher

One of the Comments in response to my recent post on Harry Palmer’s Avatar cult linked to a 2006 briefing in EPC, their in-house on-line publication “for Avatars, Masters, and Wizards” (link no longer working). Sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but this is serious mum. EPC stands for Enlightened Planetary Civilisation (who LOLed? Have some manners!).

The topic of the briefing is ‘Avatar Bashers’. I suppose I qualify as an AB, since I must plead guilty to having had a bit of fun at Harry Potter ‘s – sorry, Palmer’s – expense. Call me twisted and cynical, but mirth and ridicule are my natural responses to Hazza’s float tank revelation that we’re all from a distant planet, “Estro”, and inhabited by inner “entities” from other worlds that are the source of all human woes.

Actually, ‘twisted and cynical’ is but the tip of a particularly dire iceberg of psychopathology, according to EPC’s profile of ABs. Continue reading Confessions of an Avatar Basher

The Mounting Cost of America-centricity

Among reports last week on the latest bombings in Iraq and the sub-prime crisis in the US, NineMSN ran the following compelling headline:
US reality TV star attacks Macca’s employee.

With NBC’s Mark Philippoussis’ Age Of Love ‘reality’ dating series fresh in mind (if that reference escapes you, be thankful), naturally I clicked on the link, wondering whether The Poo was having serving problems in Maccas as well as on court. Continue reading The Mounting Cost of America-centricity