Dame Edna Takes The Sheen Off My Rudd Post!

You know, don’t you dear readers, that I pride myself on writing my posts my way? Always shooting for that quirky but precise turn of phrase, dipping and dabbing in the figurative palette…you get the picture. You gotta have ideals. Doubtless I miss the mark sometimes…but I hit it sometimes, too.

As in my recent Rudd post, when I likened him to Mr Sheen. I was damned pleased with that one, I admit it.

A few minutes ago I checked my blog stats and noticed with some incredulity that a visitor to The Boomtown Rap had landed here by entering “Mr Sheen Rudd” in Google! Out of curiousity, I googled the same and was mighty pissed off to come across multiple references to Rudd as Mr Sheen.

It all started with Dame Edna, apparently. Then newspaper columnists jumped on the bandwagon and down the Google list the references went…my blog post came up 2/3 of the way down the page.

There are several possible conclusions that can logically be drawn.

1. I plagiarised Dame Edna or a Dame Edna plagiarist. NOT TRUE. Believe me or not. I can’t prove it. But I repeat, NOT TRUE.
2. Dame Edna triggered off the domino stack, unbeknown to me (I am a lone domino).
3. There is synchronicity afoot. Maybe the Rudd-Mr Sheen likeness erupted in the mass mind spontaneously. Which raises the tantalising possibility that…
4. Rudd is actually that cartoon character masquerading as a Labor party leader or…
5. He is a future memory that popped into the consciousness of the cartoonist who created Mr Sheen way back in the…when was it that Mr Sheen first appeared on our tv screens – the 60s?

The cartoonist got Rudd to a tee, but the copywriter slipped up slightly with the Mr Sheen jingle lyrics. Shoulda been:

Wax and polish as you BULLdust, Mr Sheen

Whatever, here’s to the shiny-faced, inanely grinning, cheerily chirping dork displacing Howard tomorrow (clink). The thought of the Little Grey Man getting back is about as pleasant as root canal treatment.

PS: While on this topic of lookalikes, if Rudd wasn’t Mr Sheen, he’d be a cricket.

3 thoughts on “Dame Edna Takes The Sheen Off My Rudd Post!”

  1. Mate, it has always been John Howard who was “Mr Sheen”. Rudd maybe the “second” Mr Sheen, but Howard was the first. I work in archivals and we actually use Mr Sheen spray all the time to clean benches & panels etc, and we have all said “Pass me the John Howard will you please?”… John Howard was the original “Mr Sheen”.

  2. Hi Matt. Good to see someone else having an action-packed Friday night!

    If you say Johnny was the ORIGINAL Mr Sheen, who am I to argue? You’ve sounded the final death knell to my fond pretences to originality. Ta very much!

    Just to analyse this a little, though, while I can see the physical justification for Howard being Mr Sheen (especially the pate and small stature), I reckon Rudd’s far more Mr Sheen like in his demeanour.

    Leaving Mr Sheen aside, how about Howard = toad, and Rudd = cricket?

  3. Well, when we get down to it, “Mr Sheen” is more like some sort of cross between Howard & Rudd. Maybe it’s some pre-requisite for office?

    But my point was, it is an old old analogy, comparing Howard with Mr Sheen. I didn’t invent that.

    Ah, whatever, they’re all a bunch of geeks…

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