Dark Side Of The Boom

In my post back in April, Perth 2007 – More Brass Than Class, I bemoaned some of the changes this mining-driven boom has brought about in Perth – primarily, the chasm that has opened up between the moneyed and beneficiaries of the boom and the sizeable minority who have been left behind.

At the time of my post, the local media was still gleefully serving up daily stories of wildly escalating real estate prices, as they had been for weeks, months, years. Continue reading Dark Side Of The Boom

The Novel Strikes Back

Coming into this century, it was widely predicted that literature as we know it was in its death throes. Books were on the way out. The novel of the 21st century would be delivered in electronic form to our desktops. Publishers would have to adapt or go the way of the dinosaurs. Then in 1997, a phoenix arose out of the still-warm ashes of Literature that struck the prophets dumb: Harry Potter. Continue reading The Novel Strikes Back

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