Google Banishes The Boomtown Rap From The Blogosphere!

This is bewildering and upsetting. The Boomtown Rap has been de-indexed from Google! I’ve disappeared overnight!

Type “Boomtown Rap” into Google, and for many months, the home page has come up as the top listing. This ceased to be as from yesterday. The home page does not come up at all – and I’ve checked multiple pages deep.

External links to my blog still appear, and some (seemingly) random links to various posts, but that’s it.

My organic Google traffic has dropped dramatically literally overnight – and by dramatic, I mean zero hits. I usually have quite a few overnight visits from overseas sites before the Aussie feedreaders and other traffic kicks in during our daylight hours.

The following discussions might provide a clue:
When Google Strikes: The Story Of

I suspect, as was the case with, I’ve been hacked and have a hidden SPAM link somewhere on the site that is dragging in swarms of other SPAM links, but I lack the technical knowledge to find or identify the infiltrator, much less to remove it. In recent weeks, I have noticed a big escalation in SPAM (not hidden, though – I am able to remove it all so it is never published under Comments). This sudden increase in SPAM is in some way significant, I suspect.

If anyone happening on this blogsite can help (and I guess that means people who get here via a subject search or feedreader), I’d be so grateful I’ll…*insert your wish here and it’s my command*.

Unhappily yours


2 thoughts on “Google Banishes The Boomtown Rap From The Blogosphere!”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Gary, but I’ve already asked them. They could find nothing from their end to account for the mystery.

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