Boomtown Rap Post Makes Aussie Top 40

It can get dispiriting blogging away without eliciting much feedback much of the time, although I am aware this is the nature of topically eclectic blogs. I can see the readership stats and RSS feeds building up, so I know there’s an audience out there returning regularly (masochists, or folk of fine taste? I’ll take the latter!) and gathering in number. There’s some comfort in that.

Nevertheless, “officially” being acknowleged by peers is affirming and motivating – and I am pleased to report that one of my posts from last year, Death By Hyperbole, has been nominated as one of the top 40 Australian blog posts of 2007.

OnlineOpinion (surely one of the best essay/feature writing sites on the web) in collaboration with leading Australian weblog Club Troppo is publishing two of the Top 40 Aussie posts of 2007 every day during January. Death By Hyperbole will appear tomorrow (14 January).

Reading through the excellent posts that have already been published, I am chuffed to have had one of my posts included. I’m not sure the post chosen is worthy of such select company, but I graciously accept the decision of the judges!

Here’s a list of The Best Blogs of 2007. Have a read. There’s some real talent out there.

It is opportune here to outline some of the plans I have for The Boomtown Rap in 2008.

I intend to feature some interviews and podcasts, the first coming up in the next couple of weeks. Details will be forthcoming soon.

More movie reviews.

And prizes of all-expenses-paid holidays for all RSS and email subscribers to The Boomtown Rap in the first 3 months of the year.

Did I just get carried away? Hubris is a dangerous thang.

So I’ll quit this post now and sign off humbly.

Your servant scribe

PS: For anyone who might be interested, here are some of my 2007 posts I would have rated ahead of Death By Hyperbole:

Perth 2007 – More Brass Than Class
Spellbound in Melaka
Malaysian’s Modern Muslims – Leave your Stereotypes At Home
The Novel Strikes Back

4 thoughts on “Boomtown Rap Post Makes Aussie Top 40”

  1. Congrats – you deserve to be included. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with interviews and podcasts.

  2. LL,

    Thanks for your comment. Really pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog. Always nice to receive that sort of affirmation, especially from another blogger who consistently gets so many comments on her own posts.

    Anyone reading through this Comment string, have a look at LL’s Malaysian food blog, A Whiff Of Lemongrass (see link under my ‘Recommended Blogs’). Make sure food is not too far away, though – those pics will have you dribbling all over your keyboard.

    Yep, I can be a foul-mouthed f#@*%^r, but you’ll have read my rationale in the “When Is A Blog Not A Blog” post. I is wot I is for better or worse – and sometimes it’s worse. Ahem…

    And yes, everyone who subscribes to this blog gets a free trip to Perth or anywhere else you choose. Dammit, I have no shame.

    Thanks so much, Christine, for your comments and all your support. You’re one of the people who keep me going on this roller coaster ride.


    Thank you, and a warm welcome to you! I’ll do my best to ensure that your latest addition to your reader is not empty calories!

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