Movie Review: ‘September’

Saw an advance screening of a truly remarkable new Australian movie on Saturday: September.

Set in the Western Australian wheatbelt of 1968 (but actually filmed in Yass, near Canberra), the movie focuses on the friendship between two adolescent boys on a farm: Ed, who is the white son of a farmer, and Paddy, whose Aboriginal family is virtually “in service” to Ed’s father. These were the days in which Aboriginal farm workers were given shelter and food in exchange for their labour, but no wages. Paddy’s family lives in a shack across the field from the farmhouse.

Needless to say, the boys’ relationship is unusual in the social context of Australia of the 60s. Continue reading Movie Review: ‘September’

Death by Hyperbole

Was channel surfing last night and lobbed at that most tedious of shows, Grumpy Old Men. The idea of a baby-boomer whinge-fest was good for a couple of 30 minute specials… but a whole series, then a second series? And an even less funny mirror series, Grumpy Old Women? Noticed last night that the wittier GOM from the first series have pissed off. Only the spotlight-junkies and second-string baby-boomer “celebrities” are left to drag the carcass of this long-gone program over the finish line… Continue reading Death by Hyperbole

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