A quick and way overdue post to reassure my vast readership that I have not deserted the Boomtown Rap. I have been immersed in designing an e-commerce site presenting my t-shirt designs – a steep learning curve for someone without knowledge of CSS or HTML. More on my t-shirts venture soon.

I’m off to the Podcamp Perth07 Community Unconference this weekend. Intend to begin blogging again after what I’m anticipating will be a fascinating weekend (see link here).

Avril Fool!

A departure from my essay-style posts. Blame it on Friday.

Avril Lavigne claims her “Ten Commandments” have put her just where she is today. (If you feel inclined to pore over Av’s wisdom in her very own words, Perez Hilton has them up on his site, accompanied by the sort of poncey putdown remarks you’d expect from him).

So, Av’s rules for livin’ include:

• Expressing gratitude. She develops this notion by urging the poor to be grateful for clean drinking water, “developing world” excepted.

• Going after “good karma”. Av proclaims herself “a very giving person”, citing by way of demonstration her extreme magnanimity in instructing her “assistant” to pack off 6 boxes of “stuff” from her closet to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

• Role-modelling for all those adoring fans her responsible partygirl strategies: “Party hard, but not too hard…Am I advocating drugs? No! Drink in moderation.” (Tres punk of her).

• “Extending herself” to – guess what? – a movie career! She “knows” she could be “real good at it.”

How can someone so fucking dumb end up so fucking rich at 22?

Try to have a good weekend.

Christian Consternation Over Californication

The Australian Christian Lobby and other conservative Christian groups calling for a boycott of the trashy recently-debuted Channel 10 series Californication have scored a victory, with the Holden and Holeproof companies pulling their ads from the show in response to complaints about its sexual content.

While, of course, they have the right to express themselves, righteous would-be moral despots like the ACL have no right to impose their values on the entertainment choices of the rest of the community – it is irksome that they think they do, and would if they could. Thankfully, there are brakes on their power and influence. There’s my contribution to stating the bleeding obvious for today. Continue reading Christian Consternation Over Californication

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