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Perth Boy Conquers Freezing Melbourne in PJs

The standard of Perth journalism can be pretty shabby, with the gong for consistently tacky reporting and poop writing awarded without hesitation to independent community paper, The Vincent Voice – no competition comes close in my spasmodic local newspaper reading experience. However, this weekend’s Weekend Extra (the features liftout supplement that comes in Saturday’s West Australian newspaper) served up some crud that is worthy of special remark. Continue reading Perth Boy Conquers Freezing Melbourne in PJs

Flying High, Starring Ben Cousins – Solo!

Well, the Cousins saga is turning into a bit of a comedy, isn’t it? Cuz seems to be treating it all as a joke, anyway. If today’s media reports are accurate, in the midst of heartfelt public messages of support from family, friends, his coach and the AFL, the lad embarked on a 3 day bender – not quite the response the Eagles would have been looking for in suspending him.

Maybe it’s time to stop treating him with kid gloves. Continue reading Flying High, Starring Ben Cousins – Solo!

The lawyer mindset epidemic

Tessa is the teenage daughter of a professional couple known vaguely to me through the social network of a friend. A poolside announcement during a gathering last weekend that Tessa had decided to follow her father into law was greeted with congratulatory cooings and nods of approval by those present – at least, that is what I am told by an impeccably reliable source (happily, I was otherwise committed on that day and was not among the recipients of the glad tidings). Continue reading The lawyer mindset epidemic