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The Mounting Cost of America-centricity

Among reports last week on the latest bombings in Iraq and the sub-prime crisis in the US, NineMSN ran the following compelling headline:
US reality TV star attacks Macca’s employee.

With NBC’s Mark Philippoussis’ Age Of Love ‘reality’ dating series fresh in mind (if that reference escapes you, be thankful), naturally I clicked on the link, wondering whether The Poo was having serving problems in Maccas as well as on court. Continue reading The Mounting Cost of America-centricity

Dark Side Of The Boom

In my post back in April, Perth 2007 – More Brass Than Class, I bemoaned some of the changes this mining-driven boom has brought about in Perth – primarily, the chasm that has opened up between the moneyed and beneficiaries of the boom and the sizeable minority who have been left behind.

At the time of my post, the local media was still gleefully serving up daily stories of wildly escalating real estate prices, as they had been for weeks, months, years. Continue reading Dark Side Of The Boom

We’re So Pretty, Oh So Pretty…Vacant

In my previous post, I owned up to a foolish public declaration as a teenager that Creedence Clearwater Revival “shat on” The Beatles. That was essentially an adolescent rebel yell in the face of peer authority, clumsy and misdirected, but rooted in a perception that I consider legitimate to this day – that the masses are prone to stampeding. Such was the case with The Beatles. They could do no wrong. Every single was a smash hit, every album hailed a work of genius. The adulation, the mass approbation, was overwhelming and, it seemed, indiscriminate. Lennon’s wry observation at the peak of The Beatles’ fame that they were “more popular than Jesus” sparked outrage, but it wasn’t far off the mark. Continue reading We’re So Pretty, Oh So Pretty…Vacant