Perez wins inaugural BR “Quote of the Day”

Groan – now the Benny Cousins soapie is taking off in the States. Yep, as the media headlines trumpeted at us, Benny scored a mention on The only noteworthy aspect of the post was the following comment, which earns Perez the inaugural Boomtown Rap Quote Of The Day:

“No one has any idea where he is,” said a person with knowledge of the situation.

One thought on “Perez wins inaugural BR “Quote of the Day””

  1. I posted earlier but made a mistake with my email address! I asked about how avatar would advise a person who’s partner is seeing someone else behind the avatar persons back? The partner is non avatar and the avatar person has been in avatar a long time.
    Is it the avatar person’s fault? Does the avatar person even care? Is the partner to blame? Do they encourage the couple to stay together?
    I don’t understand if a person creates their own reality and something like this happens…

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