Malaysia 2007 – Surprises and Highlights

My Malaysian blogs are almost at an end. I have focused on the aspects of our journey that were of most interest to me, and in so doing have left out much I could have mentioned. I’ll leave comprehensive coverage of “the sights” to the travel guides; the following is but a brief summary of personal highlights and impressions I want to record in closing. Continue reading Malaysia 2007 – Surprises and Highlights

Menu Malaysia: Last Supper in Tapah

Where? Wha’? How?

We’d never heard of it, either, until we learned in Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands) that we had to go there to get a bus direct to Singapore. A fascinating, winding scenic ride descending the Highlands in the local rattler, during which the expert driver frequently hung out over sheer precipices when negotiating sharp turns in the terraced road, passed by small hut villages and fruit stalls attended by ragged Orang Asli (the indigenous people of the Highlands). This memorable journey – worth taking in its own right – terminated in the small, unremarkable town of Tapah with dusk approaching. Continue reading Menu Malaysia: Last Supper in Tapah

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