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Malaysia 2007 – Bang for Buck!

When we decided to spend some time in SE Asia, we never set out to score the bargain trip of the century, but by necessity we had one eye on the budget as we researched the possibilities.

Initially, we went looking for travel agents that could offer us the best value package to Singapore, Phuket, Krabi and Hua Hin – all tried to talk us out of that combo, some even claiming that it was not possible to arrange such an itinerary. It soon became apparent that we would have to customise existing deals, which would add on expenses that would blow our budget. Continue reading Malaysia 2007 – Bang for Buck!

Malaysia 2007 – Surprises and Highlights

My Malaysian blogs are almost at an end. I have focused on the aspects of our journey that were of most interest to me, and in so doing have left out much I could have mentioned. I’ll leave comprehensive coverage of “the sights” to the travel guides; the following is but a brief summary of personal highlights and impressions I want to record in closing. Continue reading Malaysia 2007 – Surprises and Highlights