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Menu Malaysia: First Course – Melaka

Thanks to Angie, of the wonderful Puri Hotel, for her superb restaurant recommendations, all of which are listed below.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant, 4,6,8 Jl Hang Jebat (Chinatown):
One of Melaka’s specialities – found nowhere else in Malaysia, or so we were told – is chicken balls, and Angie rated the Hoe Kee’s top of the wozza (I’m paraphrasing). Continue reading Menu Malaysia: First Course – Melaka

Malaysia – Asia’s Unsung Mecca of Munch

I have come across two people in my time, some years apart, who made the astonishing declaration that they found eating a chore and a bore, and would far rather, were it possible, pop a super-nutrient pill and put the time saved to better use. If you relate to this, skip this blog. For me, the delights of food surpass all other corporeal pleasures. You’ve been warned. Continue reading Malaysia – Asia’s Unsung Mecca of Munch

Malaysia! Why Malaysia?

I’ve been back from Malaysia a week, and Perth has cast its usual amnesic spell – feels already as if I haven’t been away. It had been so long since I had been overseas that friends were actually congratulating me on taking the plunge and getting away!

In fact, I am probably more widely travelled than anyone I know, having spent two years on the road backpacking and doing it rough back in my late 20s, hitchhiking around the UK and Europe, sleeping in youth hostels and cheap hotels, on the beach in Crete for a grubby feral week and even in parks in France – a miserable experience that permanently dispelled the romantic notions of the bum life that Orwell had nurtured in me in his compelling work, Down and Out In Paris and London. Continue reading Malaysia! Why Malaysia?