A Squeak From The Silence

Just a quick one, folks. I try to maintain a posting rate of two per week, but that has declined recently. I’ve had to focus what time I have for my blog on a couple of things other than posting.

Firstly, I’m trying to work out why my home page is no longer listed by Google, when until a couple of weeks ago it came up at number 1 on typing “Boomtown Rap” into the search window. I’m no closer to identifying the reason(s) I’ve ‘disappeared’, but have been taking measures to – hopefully – restore my listing. These measures have included writing a “Reconsideration Request” to Google, upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and doing some SEO using an excellent plugin (see previous post for details).

Secondly, one of my two dear, faithful Dell Trinitron monitors, which several years ago I rescued from the dusty shelves of an auction warehouse, has died. I’ve been researching LCD monitors and engaged in the daunting task of identifying the best prospect from a dizzy choice of candidates. Happily, as most will be aware, the prices of LCD monitors have dropped dramatically in the last 2 years, and performance has lifted. And 22 inch displays are now de rigeur. Nice! But not so the task of picking one out as best value, best fit.

Thirdly, I have been working on the editing of a recorded interview with a fascinating local band – the levels are all over the place, so readying the recording for podcasting is more complex than I would have anticipated.

Coming posts:

  • Podcast of interview mentioned above – should be up late this week or, at latest, early next.
  • A rundown on my odyssey to find the LCD that will replace my departed Dell Trintron. Thought this might save some time for readers looking to upgrade to a new LCD.
  • Perhaps a tech-dummie’s summary of steps to follow in upgrading WordPress.
  • And of course, as soon as time allows (ie: after the above have been attended to), more of the ascerbic social commentary you good readers come here for. 🙂

In short, hope to be back to usual routine within a fortnight.


5 thoughts on “A Squeak From The Silence”

  1. It seems inevitable that this sort of discussion will quickly reach a stalemate between two obvious opposing views:

    1. There is no God – at least, not a merciful one – and there’s proof (pointing to amputee, wars, pestilence etc)…and

    2. Of course there is, but His plan is beyond our comprehension. The existence of a Supreme Being is outside the realm of scientific or rational argument – it all comes down to faith.

    The meat between these slices of philosophical sandwich bread is mere filler, bland through having been served up so many times…isn’t it?

    So there’s your challenge, Grogblogslog! Start us off, if you reckon there’s any point!

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