Win Tickets to Perth Good Food and Wine Show 2011!

Last year, I was invited to attend and review the Good Food and Wine Show in Perth. I was hesitant, and contacted the sponsors to let them know my reservations. I felt that I could not in conscience accept tickets to an event I assumed to be a haven for food wankers, much less promote such an event in a review.

The sponsors quietly insisted that the Good Food and Wine Show was for anyone interested in food, not just the types I label “food wankers”, and suggested I experience the event myself before casting judgment. Fair comment, so I went along and ended up eating my words and a outsized slice of humble pie (and way too much of the diverse and abundant nosh at the Show!). I intended to stay only a couple of hours and was one of the last out! Call me a convert and I’ll answer. If you want the details behind my conversion, you can find them in my Review of the 2010 Perth Good Food and Wine Show.

Well, the happy news is that I have 4 tickets to give away to this year’s Perth Good Food and Wine Show. Just describe your most memorable meal. No word limit. Four best entries win.

Email your entries to boomtownrap [at] gmail [dot] com

Deadline for receipt of entries is midnight 10 July 2011.

UPDATE: The deadline for entries has now passed. Winners have been notified. Enjoy the Show guys and gals!

The 2011 Perth Good Food and Wine Show is being held from 15 to 17 July, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Last year, there were so many free samples of all sorts of yummy stuff, from chilli chips to roast duck to goat cheese to black truffles from Pemberton, that I grazed all day and didn’t even have lunch (extremely rare for me!). Not to mention the wine tastings, boutique beers, cooking demos…but check out the goodies on offer for yourself at the Good Food and Wine Show site. See ya there.

2 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Perth Good Food and Wine Show 2011!”

  1. Rolan,

    I’ve promoted your contest on my blog. I might even try an entry myself, the weather is so shite here in NZ currently it would be a good excuse to leave for the W/E

    jog on

  2. Thanks, duc! If you do make it over here, lemme know, awright? It’s pretty chilly here, too, right now – for this part of the globe, anyway. But probably a little less so than NZ.


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