Podcast From The Womb of the Boom – A Perth Boomer Tells His Story (Part 2: Lifestyle)

After a frustrating delay due to technical issues, the podcasting wrinkles have been ironed out smooth as Hilton’s blue business shirt. So, on with the Hilton interviews.

Hilton, you’ll recall, is one of the legions of mining company employees who have struck serious paydirt in the boom city of Perth, Western Australia.

For those who have just tuned in, in the initial podcast of this 4-part series (see previous post), we learnt that Hilton is a mining company executive in his thirties living his dream as Manager of Documents. Not for him the sweat and grime of the open-cut mines of the far North – Hilton’s office is in a high rise block in St George’s Terrace. Commuting between there and his fine seafront home in the nouveau opulent Perth suburb of Iluka, Hilton enjoys a lux lifestyle with his wife and 2 kids. Wine cellar, Yallingup holiday house, top of the wozza 4WD with a chrome bullbar to die for (and indeed, that’s your guaranteed fate if you’re in a car hit side on by this baby) – Hilton has it all.

If the boom has passed you by, if you are one of the unfortunate battlers shelling out $450 per week for a shitty 2-bedroom house in some suburban wasteland, despairing that bills, food and other essential family living costs take the rest of your pay and cut you out of the possibility of ever owning your own home…well, chin up. This series of podcasts is for you!

At the very least, you have the opportunity to vicariously live the high life just by listening to Hilton. This is your glimpse through the keyhole into the life you could have had if only you’d bought that cheap Denmark acreage on the inlet for 30K back in 89, if only you’d been left a fat inheritance like some of your lucky friends, if only you’d saved a little harder, worked a little longer, been born earlier, or later, or whatever…

There’s hope for you yet. In podcasts to come, Hilton lets us in on the secrets of his success, and reveals the qualities that have launched him to the elevated position he now occupies. Listen and learn, my boom bomb-out buddies.

In this podcast, though, Hilton focuses on his lifestyle. He outlines the reasons he and his wife Glenyss (yes, that’s the spelling) identify as a “modern couple”. In so doing he divulges his surname, which takes hyphenation to a new level. This excerpt also covers the following:

  • Modern parenting for the corporately ambitious
  • Where and how often the Perth yuppie boom family eats out
  • Family holidays for time-challenged boom professionals
  • Why stay-at-home mums have no right to expect a future in the workforce
  • Eagles vs Dockers
  • Hilton’s compassion for Ben Cousins
    1. Hilton Interview Part 2: Lifestyle (duration 7 minutes)
      (Intro music from song When Surfin’ Was #1 &#169 Ross Buncle 1993;
      All rights reserved)

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