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Drive Movie Review

This neo-noir thriller begins with a nocturnal break-and-enter at a dim-lit factory. The getaway driver (Ryan Gosling – his character is never named…let’s call him Driver) sets a stopwatch for 5 minutes, and the tension is ratcheted up as the thieves struggle to get back to the car inside the deadline. Alas, the cops are on to them and this signals the start of a tyre-smokin’ car chase along an LA freeway, which turns into a cat-and-mouse battle of wits as the getaway driver deviates to a maze of shadowy backblocks. Tuned into the police radio network, he manages to stay a step ahead of his pursuers until they spot him at a set of lights. More tyre-smokin’ and engine gunning ensues, until the driver makes a mastermove that ends the game (that’s all you’re getting). Driver 1: cops nil. But wait… Continue reading Drive Movie Review