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Jackie is a profoundly moving semi-impressionistic depiction of America’s most revered First Lady that deconstructs the icon while simultaneously tracking its development. Brilliantly directed and written, but the crowning glory is Natalie Portman’s soaring performance as the emotionally raw but ultimately controlled and controlling woman beneath the public facade.

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‘Black Swan’ – Movie Review

I see a lot of films. Few leave me stunned, and fewer still haunt me for days as Black Swan did. As the credits rolled, a friend asked what I thought of it. I’m usually pretty clear in my assessments, but on this occasion I found myself groping for a meaningful response. I mumbled something positive along with a couple of reservations, but it wasn’t until hours later that I realised that I needed time to digest this one, to come to terms with the full extent of its beauty and power, and the audacity of the filmmakers’ ambition.

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