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Take This Waltz Movie Review

Featuring: Michelle Williams, Luke Kirby, Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman
Writer/Director: Sarah Polley
Australian release date: June 14, 2012
Website: takethiswaltz.com
Review 1: rolanstein
Review 2: Karen

Margo (Michelle Williams) is a would-be writer married to Lou (Seth Rogan), who writes cookbooks and cooks a lot of chicken. Their apparently happy marriage is placed under stress when Margo finds herself falling for Daniel, a closet artist who lives opposite and pulls a rickshaw for a living. Initially resistant, she yields to Daniel’s persuasions and begins to spend time with him behind Lou’s back. As the sexual tension between them becomes unbearable, she must decide whether to maintain the comfortable domestic life she and Lou have made for themselves, or to abandon home, friends and family to follow her pounding heart.

Review 1: (rolanstein)
If that story précis sounds drippy, be assured that it is. In a Hollywood romcom, no problem, but this is ‘realism’, man, as earnest as it gets, with indie written all over it. Which makes it all the harder to take. Continue reading Take This Waltz Movie Review

My Week With Marilyn Movie Review

If you go to this movie expecting a resurrection of Marilyn Monroe, you’ll be disappointed. Yet, how do you leave such expectations at home?

Well, you can’t. Everyone has an idea of who Marilyn was. Or is. Undiminished by the ordinariness of aging, she lives on as a Hollywood immortal, her image burned deep into our collective psyche. None of knows what she was really like, but the myth of Marilyn is public property, and we’re all to some degree possessive of our icons, since we helped to create them. Whether you see her as the ultimate cinematic sex bomb, a tragic victim of a merciless machine that chewed her up and spat her out, or a more complex variation located between these extremes, you do see someone. Continue reading My Week With Marilyn Movie Review