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Lygon Street: Si Parla Italiano Movie Review

Director: Shannon Swan, Angelo Pricolo
Writer: Shannon Swan
Website: lygonstreetfilm.com.au/
Australian release date: Thursday, 6 March

Reviewer: rolanstein
Verdict: An enormously entertaining and eye-opening documentary that contrasts an Australia of not so long ago with today’s very different country.

This enthralling documentary traces the remarkable history of Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne’s famous – and infamous – Italian food and café strip, taking in its beginnings accommodating post-WW2 Italian migrants in cheap boarding houses, its emergence as a food and coffee epicentre that profoundly influenced the local and national cuisine, its changing demographic and eventual gentrification, and an array of other tasty titbits en route. Continue reading Lygon Street: Si Parla Italiano Movie Review

‘In Search Of Beethoven’ – Movie Review

I’m not often lost for words – when writing, at least – but right at this moment I’m blocked. I’m aware of the source of my difficulty, so let’s begin with that.

If I hadn’t been invited to a media screening of In Search of Beethoven followed by a Q&A session with the director, award-winning documentary film-maker Phil Grabsky, I probably wouldn’t have made the effort to see it. And would have denied myself one of the best movie experiences of this year – ah damn it, of any year. Continue reading ‘In Search Of Beethoven’ – Movie Review