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Racine’s ‘Phèdre’ – Direct from London to The Luna!

As a species I don’t think we’ve evolved much. The Beast and the Angel live in all of us, as they ever have, as they ever will. There will always be selfishness, greed, dishonesty, jealousy, betrayal, violence, hatred. But at the opposite end of humanity’s scales are beauty and wonder, both of which I encountered, contrary to all expectations, at the Luna Cinema, Leederville, last Sunday afternoon. Continue reading Racine’s ‘Phèdre’ – Direct from London to The Luna!

Lucky Country – Movie Review

There’s a bit of a buzz about Aussie cinema at the moment, a sense that we may be in the early stages of a resurgence after years in the wilderness. This may or may not be the case. A lot of the optimism is doubtless attributable to influential At The Movies duo David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz, who have bestowed rave reviews on several 2009 Australian releases – Samson and Delilah, My Year Without Sex and Last Ride – and smiled benevolently upon others such as the Perth-based production Two Fists, One Heart (which I also reviewed favourably – see here).

I await with interest The Duo’s appraisal of new South Australian release Lucky Country. Not that I take much notice of dear old David and Margaret – on the contrary. My interest here is in whether they join the gaggle of online critics gushing with praise for this antipodean Western, which in my view is a barker through and through. I suspect there’s an optimism virus infecting those aboard the Aussie-cinema-resurgence bandwagon. I’m curious as to whether the two senior drivers of the wagon exhibit the shit-detector-failure symptoms of their passengers. Continue reading Lucky Country – Movie Review

The Boat That Crocked

I usually take some care over my movie reviews, but I’m not going to waste time on appraising The Boat That Rocked in any depth. This crock of shit isn’t worth the effort.

My best hope for this post is that it might provide a community service – with any luck I might spare a moviegoer or two the ticket price, tedium and irritation I went through watching a long, long 2 hours and 14 minutes of this dross. Come to think about it, this review is probably too late to accomplish its mission, having been sitting around growing mildew while I was engaged in other projects and too despondent to make time to finish it. Oh well, maybe I’ll save someone the cost of renting the video – and the time they would have squandered watching it. Continue reading The Boat That Crocked