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Making Your Own GREAT Pizzas At Home

Here is an intrusion from the future (February 2010). When I wrote the post below, it was prior to stumbling upon a website that would set my pizza-making on an entirely new course. I’m referring to Jeff Varasano’s rave on sourdough pizzas. Quite simply, my strong conviction now, having tested Varasano’s assertions for myself, is that sourdough pizzas are better than any dry yeast version. The recipe below is fine, so go ahead and try it by all means, but if you want to bake the best, go straight to the following post and do not pass ‘Go’: Sourdough Pizzas – As Good As Home Oven Pizzas Get!
Announcement ends.

As promised in the previous post, here’s my recipe for DIY pizza. This is the result of a lot of research, trial and error. Over months of systematic tweaking (one change at a time, so the results could be validly compared), I am now satisfied that I am turning out pizzas that are pretty damned good. The benchmark by which I gauge pizza excellence is set by Sandrino’s wood-fired pizzas in Fremantle – the best I have had in Perth.

Mine are not yet quite as good, but they are close – if you can turn out better pizzas than these from a domestic electric oven, PLEASE post your suggestions under Comments. This is not about ego. It’s about sharing the love! And if you love pizza as I do, I know you’ll know exactly what I mean.

OK, on to the recipe. Continue reading Making Your Own GREAT Pizzas At Home