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See You Soon, Amigos!

Alas, I must leave you for a short time, my multitudinous readership. Tomorrow, I fly out to Singapore and from there will be travelling through Malaysia, with the possibility of a few days in Krabi, Thailand (depending on the deals available in Kuala Lumpur). But already, too much information. After all, no one is really interested in another’s travels, are they?

I will be gone 3 weeks, but may pop in to report on this or that, providing either is worthy of the effort.

I had intended to post a blog nominating Adam Selwood for SNAG of the Year, but the AFL tribunal decided he didn’t say what he was reported as saying, and thereby removed him from contention for that coveted award.

But I must away…

Til soon

Rolan Stein

Flying High, Starring Ben Cousins – Solo!

Well, the Cousins saga is turning into a bit of a comedy, isn’t it? Cuz seems to be treating it all as a joke, anyway. If today’s media reports are accurate, in the midst of heartfelt public messages of support from family, friends, his coach and the AFL, the lad embarked on a 3 day bender – not quite the response the Eagles would have been looking for in suspending him.

Maybe it’s time to stop treating him with kid gloves. Continue reading Flying High, Starring Ben Cousins – Solo!

Ben Cousins – Too Good to Stay on Ice

A recent report on the death of ex-whiz-kid skateboarder Ben Pappas, whose weighed-down body was found in the water off Melbourne’s Docklands, outlined his fall from teenage skate phenomenon to down-and-out drug tragic. Apparently he had become addicted to cocaine by 17, and at 21 was convicted of drug smuggling; he wasn’t jailed, but had his passport suspended for 3 years, effectively ending his skating career in the States, where he had been raking in $15,000 per month at his peak.

That sentence was inappropriate, surely? Continue reading Ben Cousins – Too Good to Stay on Ice