Sunday Rose – A Missed Patriotic Opportunity

Tosser of tossers, Chris Martin, has defended N & K’s unusual choice of name for their thankfully-finally-delivered bundle, opining that “Chewbacca” would have been an equally fine choice. In fact, he declares, Chewbacca’s “no stranger than Sarah“. (Tell that to lil’ Chewbacca when she limps home bawling from primary school slapped around by the other kiddies with her hair pulled every which way in recognition of her singular moniker).

This is not an easy thing to admit, but Chrisso got me thinking…

If anything goes with yer kids’ names, and mindful of Nic’s constant assurances from the shores of America that Oz is her home and always will be even if she stays the fuck away most of her life but that’s really not how she wants things to be cos Oz is the best country in the world and she can’t wait to come back you know because the people are just so down to earth and she misses the unique Aussie humour and Mum and Dad and Sis and the azure skies and the wide brown land girt by sea gleaming with a thousand dyes (or is it a thousand eyes – or even better, since we’re channeling Nic, a thousand I’s?) and she’s so proud to be Aussie and always will be etc…surely she’s missed an outstanding opportunity to display her patriotism in a truly meaningful and indelible way. Sunday Rose? WHY NOT SUNDAY ROAST?

No conviction, Nic.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Rose – A Missed Patriotic Opportunity”

  1. Chris Martin is not a tosser, you tosser, but that’s your (in my opinion) crap allowed? opinion. With the advent of WordPress, everyone is now a website publisher – whether your English is shit, whether your opinions are just a big pile of boring dung, or whether you actually have something decent to say.

    Yeah – kidman’s kid and Sunday Roast. Good one. Who really gives a flying fuck about kidman and her little grot. I certainly dont. Why would anyone unless they’re friends of her’s and urban myth?

  2. Difficut to respond when I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Could you re-post your comment in English?

  3. YAWN.

    Can’t be bothered with this. Just too boring.

    I don’t believe in censorship, but I do believe in rubbish bins. You’ve been blocked, so any future posts will be deflected automatically as spam.

  4. Let the person have their say. I find it interesting. It’s all just opinion, so why censor it? You have an interesting blog full of your ideas and opinions – just because someone doesn’t agree with you shouldn’t mean you block them to have their say. Blogs are about freedom of expression. Cheers.

  5. Blogoz,

    Opinion is one thing – nuisance posts utterly devoid of substance or sense are another. It’s nothing to do with this person not agreeing with me. In fact, this is the first time I have blocked anyone on this blog. (And this is the third such stupid post from this twit, with every indication that he’s just getting warmed up…3 strikes is enough, as far as I’m concerned).

    Frankly, I meant what I wrote – posts that add nothing whatever to the discourse and are devoid of substance or wit are just a waste of space. I defend my right to cull these sorts of posts, and I reject any notion that in so doing I am imposing censorship of ideas (when there are no ideas, how can I be censoring them?) or filtering out opinions on the basis that they differ from mine – or acting contrary to the spirit of blogging in any way.

    Look through the Comments of past posts and you’ll see plenty that have taken issue with the content of my posts. You’ll also see that they have not been censored or threatened with censorship. I welcome opinion, pro or contra mine. I like a stoush.

    But mindless crap such as ‘Maelstrom’ was spewing out I just don’t have time or energy for. My choice, isn’t it? And exercising that choice – isn’t that also part of the freedom of blogging? I see my cull of this bonehead as quality control, no more, no less. Surely it’s my right to seek to impose some basic QC on a blog I put a lot of effort into?

    I have demonstrated very clearly that I am anti-censorship – see the ‘September’ thread as a glaring example.

    Further, if you look a bit further into my blog you will find that I have written at some length on the difference between blogs and other media of expression and fully support and champion the blog medium.

    I just can’t be bothered with posters whose level of argument is stuck at primary school playground level. eg: I don’t agree with you because I’m right and you’re wrong and you’re a wanker and a dickhead. Call me a wanker, call me anything you like – but give me some semblance of substance in your posts, or even a glimmer of pay-out wit if you just want to have a fight.

    But if a Commentor doesn’t even meet those basic criteria and seems set to carry on tedious nah-nah-nah-nah-nah serial posts, my shit detector kicks in and they get relegated to the spam bin. It’s a brand new policy, just formulated and enacted! Fortunately, I’ve never had need to enact it before, but if any more ‘Maelstroms’ happen along and show with successive posts that they have nothing between the ears but bone, into the spam bin they go. Like it or lump it.

    I can’t imagine they’ll be missed. But if I’m wrong, I’ll live with that very easily.


  6. I agree with blogoz. Let’s not have censorship – let’s keep the expression going. I think there is an obsession with celebrity. Calling you a “tosser” isn’t so bad is it? You called Chris Martin a tosser – what’s the difference really. The problem is that the media focuses too much on celebrity and celebrity pregnancies, then there’s a bun fight to get pictures of them, then the same faces are plastered in the trash magazines like Woman’s Day/New Idea – and don’t get me started on FHM/Zoo. Crystal is making a nice living out of that intellectual publication.

  7. Jo,

    Oh, for fuck sake – is the point so very hard to grasp that I, too, am contemptuous of the press/public obsession with celebrity – especially

    The Sunday Roast post was an ironic swipe at the credibility of “Nic” and all the obsessing about her kid. In other words, I agree with Maelstrom and you about celebrity obsession. The Sunday Roast post was just a bit of flippant fun sending Mummy up!

    Read through my blog and you’ll find lots of anti-celeb stuff. The Sunday Roast post was a celeb putdown ferchissake!

    It’s not censorship in this case and it’s nothing to do with my being called a tosser! Fuck me – I can hardly object to that when my posts are full of such accusations of others (as you point out)! There are numerous instances in the Comments strings on other threads in which expletives and terms like “tosser” are directed at me. That in itself is a non-issue.

    Censorship is about disallowing expression of particular ideas, or barring language on the grounds that it is offensive or otherwise unacceptable. My culling of Maelstrom is simply an expression of annoyance with nuisance posts that add no value to the discussion. No different from spam.

    I am not going to repeat the stuff I’ve already pointed out in my previous post above defending myself against charges of censorship of posts opposing my views. Please just read it and take it in!

    As for name-calling: call me a tosser, motherfucker, cunt – whatever you like. Neither the language nor the sentiment is the issue here. Just don’t keep doing it serially without adding anything else of substance to your posts! If you do, you’re simply a nuisance, and will be treated accordingly.

    QC is not censorship.

  8. Busted! ‘Blogoz’ and ‘Jo’ have the same IP address. If the label “tosser” is applicable to anyone, it’s to folk who post Comments under different names agreeing with themselves.

  9. We can’t see how it is a nuisance post? In what way. Ridiculous. You sound like a really volatile creature, and a smart-arse to boot. Dont bother replying. After reading your comments, I don’t think your head is screwed on, rather it is screwed up. People like you are a drain on society. Goodbye, tosser. We are 2 people, same computer. So what?

  10. You are not 2 people, same computer. I’ve just done a trace and find you are using to post under their proxy server to hide your identity. You’re one person, trolling.

    Fuck off Maelstrom, Blogoz, Jo or whichever other name you choose to call yourself next.

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