Podcast From The Womb of the Boom (final) – A Perth Boomer Tells His Story (Part 4: Tax the Poor, Not the Rich!)

Now, for your delectation, the final podcast in this series of excerpts from my interviews with Perth mining company executive and boom beneficiary, Mr Hilton Casey-Urqhuart-Newton-Thomas.

Here, Casey-Urqhuart-Newton-Thomas identifies the 3 virtues he considers essential if you want to “get on in life” – which I presume means heaving home seriously fat bacon, like him. Yet, as he tells it, life for the triple income salary earner does not always go down as smoothly as a 1990 Grange.

Take tax time, for example – a nightmare for those in the top tax bracket. And patently unfair, according to Hilton. He contends that the Rudd government has it all wrong, wasting foreign aid on corrupt and inherently hopeless countries like Papua New Guinea and East Timor, while failing to compensate Australians like him with tax breaks for his efforts in providing much-needed local rental accomodation with his multiple investment properties.

Not that he is a bigoted political conservative. Indeed no. He praises Rudd’s razor gang’s reported targeting of aged pensioners’ and carers’ allowances, pointing out that unlike him, these people do not “add value” to the community, and probably spend their pensions and allowances irresponsibly anyway.

For all his success and contribution to building this fine city in the mighty world resource capital of Western Australia, I came away from my interviews with Casey-Urqhuart-Newton-Thomas sensing that he is wasting himself on Perth’s small stage. A bloke with his qualities deserves a place in the global spotlight…but I cover this in my wrap-up at the end of the podcast. Have a listen and you’ll agree that no reasonable person could challenge my conclusions.

Hilton Interview Part 4 (final): Tax the Poor, Not the Rich (duration 5 minutes 50 secs)
(Intro music from song When Surfin’ Was #1 &#169 Ross Buncle 1993;
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