3 thoughts on “Hee Haw Media Story Of The Week”

  1. That is very amusing. In my morbid sense of humor, I can see the funny side of this story. In some ways it brings out hope for the rest of us that even if our lives are not going the way we want them to, at least we are not all in a position that we would resort to having sex with a Donkey. When times get tough, you can have a look at this and have a laugh. For the people concerened I hope they get profesional help. But im pleased that the West Australian was able to report such an important peice of news. It has brightned up my day..

  2. Well, I don’t see anything at all funny in the story itself – not much humour in some sick fuck debasing himself and abusing a couple of animals.

    The funny part, for me, was the perhaps unwitting (and perhaps not) use of the word ‘stable’ in the context of the story content.

  3. Yes having re read the story now I can see the ugly side to this. And yes I now see what you mean by the use of the word Stable. He has been charged with Buggery, but I wonder if he said Bugger when he got caught?

    Imagine the scene when he got caught. Well Im off to work now, I have to concentrate and stop thinking about the poor donkey.

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