On Rudd’s Speech Of Apology – A Parting Word To The Naysayers

I address this post to the following:

  • To weak pretenders like Brendan Nelson who was forced through overwhelming political pressure to take a bipartisan stand on apologising to aboriginal people for the wrongs of the past perpetrated by past parliaments of this land and its non-indigenous majority
  • To fuckwits like Wilson Tuckey, who absented himself from Parliament for today’s speech of apology
  • To fossils like John Howard who held up cultural and social progress in this country for the long, wasted years of opportunity of his time in office
  • To the mean-spirited, simplistic and emotionally retarded minority who are blind to the symbolic importance of a formal apology to the indigenous peoples of this country and who protest indignantly that they weren’t responsible for the actions of previous generations (talk about missing the point!)
  • To the writer of the bitter, skewed and ignorant statement entitled Australian Apology To The Aboriginal Population and all the sheep who circulated this piece of shit in email form or whose thinking is trapped within its parameters
  • To anyone else not covered above who did not support Rudd’s formal apology

The reaction of the indigenous people to the Apology justifies every word.

If you do not understand why saying sorry was vital both to the aboriginal people and our society and Rudd’s speech a political and social landmark in Australian history, it doesn’t matter. Your views on this issue are irrelevant.

To the future.

4 thoughts on “On Rudd’s Speech Of Apology – A Parting Word To The Naysayers”

  1. Well said!

    Finally some political back bone on this issue. Lets hope they can deliver on the ground aswell. We’ll have to wait for the dinosaurs to die out I fear, to used to manipulating by fear and hatred.

  2. In my youth, aboriginal people would say they were Indian or Ceylonese. In one case of which I have first-hand knowledge, the person claimed to be Maori.

    Simply being forced to deny one’s origins in the country of which one is a descendant of the original inhabitants is itself deserving of an apology.

    Lu Kewen’s speech and formal apology were overdue and for once ennobled the talking shop that is Parliament.

    Yar boo sucks to Dennis Jensen and Wilson Tuckey.

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