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‘Whatever Works’ – Movie Review

I have to declare a bias before I begin: I am a HUGE Larry David fan. I ‘discovered’ David three or so years ago when a mate, Mr I.R. “Golden God” Yeuuung, phoned and alerted me to the TV comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm with the irresistible assertion that “the guy in it looks just like you, and he goes on like you, and he’s ‘fuckin’ this fuckin’ that’ like you…and even his mannerisms and expression are like yours.”

Well, he was right. It was uncanny. Mind you, the similarities betwixt Larry and I end with our bank balances. And I’m nowhere near as funny or talented. Perhaps these differences are in some vague sense related? Continue reading ‘Whatever Works’ – Movie Review

‘An Education’ – Movie Review

O what a joy – unfortunately, a rare one – is a fine script! They don’t come much finer than Nick Hornby’s in An Education: well plotted, tight, sparkling with wit and a literary intelligence that informs every line without drawing attention to itself. Actors must love encountering writing like this – especially quality performers, who seize on quality material as an opportunity to shine. And shine the performers do in this movie – all of them! Continue reading ‘An Education’ – Movie Review

‘Moon’ – Movie Review

Tackling this review has presented a bit of a dilemma. Firstly, for me, the main strength of Moon is its narrative intrigue, the what-happens-next. There’s not a lot you can discuss about this aspect of the movie without pooping the party with plot spoilers. I don’t wanna do that. Which leaves me rather restricted in this write-up!

Secondly, I went into the cinema with quite high expectations (always a danger) and walked out feeling a bit let down, and somehow uneasy about putting my critic’s hat on. I decided to postpone any sort of written analysis in favour of letting the movie sit a while. I’m glad I did. If I’d dashed off a review the same day of the screening, I fear it might have been more critical than was just. For all this pre-review rumination, however, I don’t have a hell of a lot to say!

Let’s start with the easy part: the basic synopsis. Continue reading ‘Moon’ – Movie Review