Dame Edna Takes The Sheen Off My Rudd Post!

You know, don’t you dear readers, that I pride myself on writing my posts my way? Always shooting for that quirky but precise turn of phrase, dipping and dabbing in the figurative palette…you get the picture. You gotta have ideals. Doubtless I miss the mark sometimes…but I hit it sometimes, too.

As in my recent Rudd post, when I likened him to Mr Sheen. I was damned pleased with that one, I admit it. Continue reading Dame Edna Takes The Sheen Off My Rudd Post!

Confessions of an Avatar Basher

One of the Comments in response to my recent post on Harry Palmer’s Avatar cult linked to a 2006 briefing in EPC, their in-house on-line publication “for Avatars, Masters, and Wizards” (link no longer working). Sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but this is serious mum. EPC stands for Enlightened Planetary Civilisation (who LOLed? Have some manners!).

The topic of the briefing is ‘Avatar Bashers’. I suppose I qualify as an AB, since I must plead guilty to having had a bit of fun at Harry Potter ‘s – sorry, Palmer’s – expense. Call me twisted and cynical, but mirth and ridicule are my natural responses to Hazza’s float tank revelation that we’re all from a distant planet, “Estro”, and inhabited by inner “entities” from other worlds that are the source of all human woes.

Actually, ‘twisted and cynical’ is but the tip of a particularly dire iceberg of psychopathology, according to EPC’s profile of ABs. Continue reading Confessions of an Avatar Basher

Two Cheers For Rudd

The countdown to Howard’s demise is now on – and way past time. Here’s hoping Maxine wins Bennelong and turfs the little prick right out of parliament. But as a Labor voter (actually, I’m a Greens sympathiser, but vote Labor in a bow to pragmatism), something’s not right. I’ve realised I relish far more the prospect of Howard and the Libs getting their butts booted than that of an ALP victory.

Why? Rudd!

He reminds me of Mr Sheen, running around waxing and polishing the arses of the electorate, reading to kids here, kissing babies there, being ever so carefully personable and mild everywhere. I want to punch him in the nuts and see if his expression changes. Christ, he could be a South Park character – one-dimensional, fixed grin, wobbling head, quothing mildly “Libs are bad…mm-kay?” Continue reading Two Cheers For Rudd

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