Christian Consternation Over Californication

The Australian Christian Lobby and other conservative Christian groups calling for a boycott of the trashy recently-debuted Channel 10 series Californication have scored a victory, with the Holden and Holeproof companies pulling their ads from the show in response to complaints about its sexual content.

While, of course, they have the right to express themselves, righteous would-be moral despots like the ACL have no right to impose their values on the entertainment choices of the rest of the community – it is irksome that they think they do, and would if they could. Thankfully, there are brakes on their power and influence. There’s my contribution to stating the bleeding obvious for today. Continue reading Christian Consternation Over Californication

Rent With Angst – The Real Victims of the Home Affordability Crisis

Some quiet acknowledgement from the gallery, s’il vous plait. At last, the mainstream press has started to wake up to the down side of this bloody boom that I have been banging on about for months.

Back in March in my post titled Perth 2007 – More Brass Than Class, and last month in Dark Side Of The Boom I raised concerns about the possible future social consequences of the divide that has opened up – in Perth especially – between those who have prospered from the resources boom and those who have not (which amounts to going backwards, given the spiralling escalations in housing and rental costs and general living expenses).

On today, an article entitled Angry renters ‘feeling unloved’, outlines the dire situation in which renters without prospect of owning their own home find themselves today.

Oh, the sweet relief of having one’s views validated, however belatedly. If the mainstream press is saying what I’m saying – well then, I must be right, mustn’t I? Halle-fucking-lujah and, like, hello!

The Mounting Cost of America-centricity

Among reports last week on the latest bombings in Iraq and the sub-prime crisis in the US, NineMSN ran the following compelling headline:
US reality TV star attacks Macca’s employee.

With NBC’s Mark Philippoussis’ Age Of Love ‘reality’ dating series fresh in mind (if that reference escapes you, be thankful), naturally I clicked on the link, wondering whether The Poo was having serving problems in Maccas as well as on court. Continue reading The Mounting Cost of America-centricity

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