Death by Hyperbole

Was channel surfing last night and lobbed at that most tedious of shows, Grumpy Old Men. The idea of a baby-boomer whinge-fest was good for a couple of 30 minute specials… but a whole series, then a second series? And an even less funny mirror series, Grumpy Old Women? Noticed last night that the wittier GOM from the first series have pissed off. Only the spotlight-junkies and second-string baby-boomer “celebrities” are left to drag the carcass of this long-gone program over the finish line… Continue reading Death by Hyperbole

Avatar? My Arse!

A while ago, a friend was flirting with the idea of doing an Avatar course (thankfully, she ended up giving it a miss).

I’ve done Landmark Education’s Forum (worthwhile, but won’t comment further here, as this will be the subject of another post). I’ve also read a shitload of self-development stuff over the years (all the usual suspects), attended a Christopher Howard weekend seminar, even read a friend’s copy of The Secret (herk) – hmm…there’s another post. Before I dig myself in any deeper, my point is that I’m no stranger to this stuff and am generally cynical, but not necessarily dismissive of all of it. Continue reading Avatar? My Arse!

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