New Buyers’ Guide to Navigating the LCD Monitor Jungle

I bought my first LCD monitor some years ago, when the technology was in its infancy. Officeworks were advertising a special on 15 inch LG LCD monitors for the breakthrough price of $375, and replacing my old ADI CRT seemed like a good move – until I started using the LG. I found text hard to read and the general image quality disappointing. Within a couple of days I decided I hated it. I ended up taking the intruder back and getting a refund. Went to an auction and bought two second-hand Dell Trinitron 17 inch CRTs instead…for a mere $100 each!

This was the beginning of a blissful relationship, unfortunately truncated a few weeks ago, when one of my treasured twins died.

It didn’t take much investigation to realise that things had moved on in the world of LCD monitors since my unhappy encounter with the LG. CRT monitors are now all but obsolete, and LCD monitor prices have plummeted, especially in the last year or so. It made no sense to swim against the overwhelming LCD tide, so on the trail of the perfect LCD monitor choice I went. Continue reading New Buyers’ Guide to Navigating the LCD Monitor Jungle

Please Sir, Can We Have Some More?

Once upon a time I nurtured a furtive dream of playing in a rock and roll band. It was way back in a time when rock music was still the dominant youth art form. I immersed myself in a world of records, rock barns (all the popular pubs were rock barns at that time), guitars, Beat literature, tatty photocopies of Jerry Rubin’s anti-establishment rant, A Yippie Manifesto

I spent all my money – and I was earning better than average bucks at that time, having fast-tracked to a Clerk Class 4 position in the public service office in which I resentfully spent the working week – on records, hifi components, beer to accompany weekend and mid-week attendances at pub gigs, a constant supply of marijuana I do confess, and virtually every big-name rock concert that made it to Perth.

My first – at Beatty Park in 1971 – was incredible value: Chain, Free, Manfred Mann and Deep Purple on the same bill. I was so excited by the finale of the show I passed out in the exit queue and ran head first into a stone pillar, splitting my forehead open to the bone – the scar a souvenir that remains to this day (note: no drugs involved; I was only 15 at the time). Continue reading Please Sir, Can We Have Some More?

The Ultra-simple WordPress Upgrade Guide for Tech Uber-dummies

This is a post devoted to WordPress bloggers for whom CSS and PHP might as well be insecticides or government department acronyms. If you’re ‘uninformed’, wilfully ignorant, error-prone or phobic about technical aspects of blogging software, I’m lookin’ at you, kid. Me? I’m a technical Inspector Clouseau. Can I be rude and for the sake of simplicity lump us all into the basic category of tech uber-dummies?

If you can face the ignominy of classifying yourself thus, you will also be able to admit to an aversion to apparently simple tasks like upgrading to the newest version of WordPress – the very idea will probably fill you with terror. Well, this post might be your path to redemption, or at least, the simplest, most over-explained uber-dummies’ guide to upgrading WordPress on the web… Continue reading The Ultra-simple WordPress Upgrade Guide for Tech Uber-dummies

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