Blog Disappeared from Google – The Saga Continues

Following on from the previous post, thought I’d update interested readers on the results of my investigation into the mysterious case of the disappearing blog.

To briefly recap, for many months, when “Boomtown Rap” is typed into Google, the home page has appeared as top listing. A few days ago, it disappeared – not only from top listing, but from any listing at all! Maybe it’s down among the dead men, but I’ve checked multiple pages deep, and there is no sign of it. Continue reading Blog Disappeared from Google – The Saga Continues

Google Banishes The Boomtown Rap From The Blogosphere!

This is bewildering and upsetting. The Boomtown Rap has been de-indexed from Google! I’ve disappeared overnight!

Type “Boomtown Rap” into Google, and for many months, the home page has come up as the top listing. This ceased to be as from yesterday. The home page does not come up at all – and I’ve checked multiple pages deep.

External links to my blog still appear, and some (seemingly) random links to various posts, but that’s it. Continue reading Google Banishes The Boomtown Rap From The Blogosphere!

Boomtown Lament

This is not the blog I was planning to write today. But it’s the one that’s calling me like a howling wolf to the pack of my thoughts. Would you ignore that?

I’m always drawn into considering each word carefully, of searching for the right phrase – novel, precise, colourful if possible – of editing myself as I write. I end up with the final product, not a draft. But today, I’m going to gag my inner censor and just bang it down, for better or worse. This is as close as I get to spontaneous.

I’m disturbed at the moment. I’m sick of everything familiar. So sick, that I actually feel physically ill. I’ve had a slight headache for a couple of days, and a bit of an upset stomach. More than that, there’s a vague dis-ease about me and that vagueness is unsettling…something is just not right. Continue reading Boomtown Lament

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