The Boomtown Rap Awards For 2007

Inaugural and haphazard, these Boomtown Rap Awards are disorganised, ill conceived and pretty bloody random. There’s an Australian bias, but awards are not restricted nationally. They can be positive or – more likely – negative.

While the awards naturally reflect my own prejudices and tastes, being a democratic and inclusive type o bastard, I will gladly accept reader nominations and suggestions for additional awards not covered below. Just post ‘em in the Comments. And there is no particular deadline. I’ll happily keep adding to the list until such time as it kinda sorta feels too far into 2008 to be relevant.

So, let’s start with something lightweight: the 2007 Boomtown Rap free-to-air TV Awards – introducing The BR Bogeys! Continue reading The Boomtown Rap Awards For 2007

2007 – Year Of The Cull

Last year, I attended one of those free all-weekend seminars self-development gurus run as a teaser a few weeks in advance of expensive follow-up courses. The “guru” in this case was Christopher Howard – typical all-American self-development package. You know: fresh-faced, slightly tanned, fit and expensively suited, smiling mouthful of perfect teeth, bouncing around the stage like a SuperBall. Continue reading 2007 – Year Of The Cull

Odds and sods

Even if you vow to stay out of the rushing and gushing and general mayhem that kicks in at this time of the year, somehow you always seem to end up busy doing shit you don’t wanna do. I’m not necessarily taking about buying presents – although that’s in there – but…busy pre-Christmassy shit you can’t get out of, made worse by the infernal crowding everywhere you go. I yearn for New Year’s day when all the crap is over for another year. Continue reading Odds and sods

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