Ben Cousins: Child of the Nanny State

So, Ben Cousins finally faces the press…and firmly establishes himself as a true child of the nanny state.

“Deep down I don’t think I really had a choice,” bleated Cuz. “From a medical point of view, drug addiction is an illness. It is a very hard thing for people who have not experienced it to get their head around.”

VERY hard, Benny – cos it’s utter bullshit. Continue reading Ben Cousins: Child of the Nanny State

Podcast: Smokin’ Eldorados Interview

The Smokin’ Eldorados

…and then I looked back at Rod and he was on his back. He’d fallen over and was still playing, and that’s when I decided I should grind my guitar up against my amp and just do feedback for a while and just lose myself in that and look up and see what’s happening with this train wreck of a gig. And we got off and everyone said it was great !!

Thus spake Matthew De la Hunty during an interview I did with The Smokin’ Eldorados a couple of weekends ago. Matthew’s anecdote says quite a bit about the band – yet could give a very wrong impression (paradoxes are everywhere with these guys).

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A Squeak From The Silence

Just a quick one, folks. I try to maintain a posting rate of two per week, but that has declined recently. I’ve had to focus what time I have for my blog on a couple of things other than posting.

Firstly, I’m trying to work out why my home page is no longer listed by Google, when until a couple of weeks ago it came up at number 1 on typing “Boomtown Rap” into the search window. I’m no closer to identifying the reason(s) I’ve ‘disappeared’, but have been taking measures to – hopefully – restore my listing. These measures have included writing a “Reconsideration Request” to Google, upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and doing some SEO using an excellent plugin (see previous post for details). Continue reading A Squeak From The Silence

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